Telling stories isn't always about words on screens and pages. Below are some stories—those of artists, those of endangered foods, those of cyclists and book lovers and musicians—that go beyond the written word. The best stories are the collaborative ones, aren't they? 


#wildartcolumbus // Wild Goose Creative

Responsible for initial conception, design, and implementation of a month-long Instagram show that pays Columbus artists to create and raises funds for Wild Goose Creative. This program is on its third iteration, affecting more than 90 artists, and raising more than $12,000 for art in Central Ohio.



This Just In Cling // Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Ideation, copywriting and art direction for the ice cream brand's back to shelf point of purchase clings. The design marries the old and new pints and the evergreen language in practical in all uses of the cling.  


Plants for Pints

Plants for Pints // Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

A marketing initiative to help the Jeni's Ice Cream brand align with the values of Whole Foods Market (Central Ohio & Los Angeles), New Leaf Market (Santa Cruz), and other socially conscious markets. Developed concept and art directed assets, including a video. 







Clover Road Cream Cheese

Clover Road Cream Cheese Branding // Eat Well Distribution

Responsible for the rebrand (name, packaging, assets) of this Cleveland, Ohio cream cheese company.

Named after the road the Gross sisters' grandmother grew upon, Clover Road Cream Cheese conjures up imagery of another clover—the kind that Southeastern Ohio's Snowville Creamery cows eat as part of their grass-fed diet. The cream from these cows lend a super fresh taste to the cream cheese, making it taste like no other.  

Gather Pasta // Eat Well Distribution

Responsible for the rebrand (name, packaging, assets) of this Columbus, Ohio pasta company that wanted to accelerate the retail side of its fresh pasta wholesale business. 





The normandy

Edwards Urban Branding // Edwards Companies

Provided creative direction for the Edwards Urban brand and assisted in the implementation for the initial branding needs for leasing The Normandy. Developed a strategy for providing value added services to Edwards Urban properties.






Logo Design // Innovation Ohio

Worked with a team from an emerging Columbus, Ohio policy think tank to develop and create a logo that physically and symbolically represented their values.

Photo:  Columbus Alive

Photo: Columbus Alive

Pop-Ups // The Hills Market

Utilized extra space at both Hills Markets to further develop the brand's niche as a place for local food through an incubator series of pop-up restaurants. Three of the initial participants (Acre, Darista Dips, Little Eater) now own and operate successful food businesses.




Ark of Taste // The Hills Market, Slow Food Columbus

Responsible for the conception, sourcing, and implementation of this collaborative event. Read an account of the dinner here. 






Design: Clinton Reno

Design: Clinton Reno

Market to Market // The Hills Market

Conceived this cross-city bike ride collaboration with North Market, and worked alongside their Marketing Director to implement and grow the successful and much loved twice-yearly event recognized across Columbus. 














Kahiki Dinner // The Hills Market

Responsible for the conception, PR, and implementation of this collaborative event that earned The Hills Market a full page feature story and immediately sold out a 300-seat dinner.






Grandview Library After Hours // Grandview Heights Public Library

Hosted after-hour rock concerts in the library's atrium to draw a younger crowd and to build the library's audio and visual departments. Attendees could write in albums they wanted the library to purchase with their entry fee. The most-requested albums would be added to the collection.