On Pho and Faux Successes

I got my monthly Google Alert for "Jill Moorhead" today. I remember the days that searches for my name unsurfaced reviews of "Days of Our Lives." It seems that the other Jill Moorhead has been out of practice for some time.

My email reminded me of a few stories in the February issue of Columbus Monthly, written months ago.

The City's Biggest Ideas Through the Years, the article that tainted memories my beloved elementary school trip to Son of Heaven. Spoiler alert: the Chinese art show was a bust. The field trip, on the other hand: huge success. We all survived and I still have the pamphlet somewhere in my attic.

And then there's the one on pho, where my editor kindly replaced "oily" with "unctuous" and thus I learned a new word, one much more suitable for food writing.