On Reviews and Paywalls.

In 1997, the students of Hilliard Davidson High School staged a walkout over some sort of grave injustice that I cannot remember. Staff photographer for the school news magazine, I was at the ready to capture the spot news. I later sold the photograph to the local weekly paper, for something like $15. I watched in awe as the photography staff scanned my negative and captured my image digitally. Technology. That week, I collected as many copies of the paper as I could. They're still in my attic, and if I were to go up there and look, I'd have an idea of what we were protesting.

This past Thursday, a review of a local food truck and brewery collaboration that I wrote was published in The Columbus Dispatch's Weekender section. When I was writing the story, I was in the middle of so many deadlines that I'd forgotten to ask when it would be published. And thus, I missed seeing, on paper, my writing debut in Ohio's Greatest Home Newspaper. 

Oh well. I can see it online, right behind that paywall. Technology.