On Fear and Art.

I have an interesting relationship with fear. It envelops me. It thwarts me. It drives me.

My fears are many, and some are founded. Others, not so much. I fear conflict. I fear being enclosed. I fear having my name called out in a room, from a stage, or over an intercom system. I fear being myself. I fear not knowing myself. I fear that I think too much about, well, fear.

A friend told me something yesterday that I wrote in the "notes" section of my phone (where I keep lists of books to read, gifts to buy, and names — without context — that I hear on NPR stories). Just in case it's lost forever in the annals of my mobile, I'll put it here.

Don't think too much. It is paralyzing. Art is always an act of bravery.

Maybe it's time to become an artist.