Seasoned marketer with a writing habit. I fear most things, but do them anyway. 

As Executive Director of Marketing & Communications at Columbus College of Art & Design, I help to frame stories of art, of people, and of people who make art happen. I work tirelessly to demonstrate the impact that artists, designers, and educators have on society. 

Leading up to this role, I have 15 years of experience telling the stories of The Hills Markets, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, Eat Well Distribution, and Grandview Heights Public Library. When I'm not huckstering ideas, I'm an award-winning writer for Dispatch magazines and thekitchn.com.

Community Engagement

Leadership Columbus, Class of 2018
Past President, Wild Goose Creative
Greater Columbus Arts Council's 2015 Emerging Arts Leader 

Jill Moorhead, nominated by Christine Deye, is the recipient of this yearโ€™s Emerging Arts Leader award. Moorhead is a tireless crusader for the local arts scene in central Ohio. She brings art to the masses through her down-to-earth freelance writing in local and national magazines and through her work on the boards of several nonprofit arts organizations, all while managing a day job in marketing. In 2011 Moorhead was invited to present at Pecha Kucha. She quickly fell in love with the creativity and passion in the room. Just a week later, she found herself on the board of the organization. Never one to shy away from a new and usually untested idea, Moorhead soon added the nonprofit Wild Goose Creative to her already full schedule. Not only did she jump in with her marketing and writing skills to help Wild Goose Creative grow their name, she became the president, built an advisory board, managed the creation of a new website, grew the working board, and is currently leading the effort to find a new executive director. During Moorheadโ€™s tenure as board president, Wild Goose Creative has grown in capacity and has been able to offer even more diverse programs, a wider range of community connections, and more resources for the arts and creative community in Columbus. Moorhead has a humble attitude, a tactical mind that is always working to find a great way to tell the stories of artists, and a relentless creative energy for solving problems and meeting needs.
— Greater Columbus Arts Council


The Grocery Insider at thekitchn.com

I share some grocery insight on a bi-weekly basis over at thekitchn.com. (And sneak in references to Gilmore Girls, Dan Fogelberg, and Crystal Pepsi while I'm at it).



I started writing a blog with one Maya Stanton in February of 2009 to chronicle our adventures in travel and food. My first post was about paczki and it makes me cringe to think about it. It got better from there. My most recent post is from April 2013. Maya and I take turns renewing the domain with the hopes that it may return. 

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